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I'm sorry this post is a little messy and lacking info; I have chronic low energy so I'll provide more info (like sample images) as and when needed. Sorry for the bother! ;A;

In regards to nsfw - by paying through Paypal, which you must be 18 for, you're confirming that you're of age to be buying them. Please don't purchase if you're underage!

There are some freebies and I'll discount for multiple purchases! :) Also please note I'm based in the UK, and only accepting payment in GBP (£). I'll ship anywhere though!

Thank you!

-Idolmaster bootleg dvd: £5 or FREE with some other purchases!
- Fan-made Hideyoshi charm: FREE (the clasp isn't broken i'm just not good with fiddly things so you'll have to put it on yourself)
- Hungary Charm: £2 || Austria, Hungary, Prussia Screen Wipe Charms: FREE (no clasp, it broke), £3
- Prussia Rubber Strap: £13 (used but is still in great condition)
- Fanmade Hetalia Card Deck: £30 (what i paid for it)

All are in English! [£4 each]
(speak softly and rowdy roundup are gone)
Farewell Spaceman, USUK, 70p
USUK Collab Project 2013, 44p
viewed from a distance, everything is beautiful (focus on Eren, Armin and Jean), 36p

[£3 each, Love Defense £4]
(ignore the first one)
- both America multi-ship doujins; 42p(l) and 92p(r)
- General girls focus, 20p
- AmeBela, PruHun/AusHun, FraSey/EngSey(ish), SwissLiech 40p
- PruHun, EngLiech, RomaBel, FraSey, SeboWy 42p
- RomaLiech, SpaUkr, Nyo!Eng/Jpn, 32p

[£4 each]
(top row are all nsfw)
- NorIce, 24p
- PruFritz, PruFra, PruGer, 48p
- FRUK 44p
- SpaUkr 30p
- AmeSey 28p
- IceSea 28p

[£3 each; Mit Liebe £5]
- PruLiech 134p
- Pru/Nyo!Bela/Nyo!Rus 40p
- PruLiech 52p
- RusBela 34p
- RusBela 16p (nsfw)

[£3 each; Peach M!x £4]
- KNB: Kise, Aomine, Kagami and some others, 30p
- Aokise 30p
- DRRR: Izaya/Masaomi 36p
- SNK: general, focus on Mikasa and Sasha though, 28p
- Aomoi, 30p, 36p,
42p, 28p, 124p

[top row £6 as they're anthologies! rest £4]
150p, 134p, 80p, 126p
32p, 28p, 28p, 28p
v48p, ^38p, 60p, 28p

all are PruHun except for D.D.F., Plus & I love you which are Hungary/World and bottom right which is AusHun. bottom left is kinda Frying Pangle-ish tbh (complete with HREIta as their lil' uns)

[£4 each]
- all PruHun, 28p, 44p (nsfw), 40p, 28p
60p, 32p, 40p

[£4 each]
38p, 52p, 28p,
28p, 20p, 24p,
20p, 28p

all PruHun except middle left and bottom right which are AusHun (first one is nyo) and bottom left which is Frying Pangle


I don't sell much or all that often, but I suppose it's worth having a feedback page just in case...

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